Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Ladeira do Boqueirão, N.1
Santo Antônio,
BA - 40301-360

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Salvador da Bahia for student and other groups!

xSalvador is a huge tropical metropolis of 3.000.000 (officially) citizens, located on the mouth of the All Saints Bay (Brazils largest bay, and where in the old, old days, whales used to gather in the mating season), and the capital of the state of Bahia. Famed for it's music and dance, capoeira, it's Historical district including Pelourinho, and the longest beach-lined coast of any city in Brazil, it is a fascinating place to visit. Our aim is to show you, not just the usual tourist attractions, but the real city and surrounding countyside (the 'interior'), and the people who give Salvador its' special character and energy.

xA typical itinerary would include tours of the Historical Centre, and Salvadors' other key points of interest, visits to drumming schools and some of the African blocos (like Ilê Aiyê), day trips, into the interior to the land of Candomblé and Samba, up Bahias beautiful coast including a visit to a turtle sanctuary, visit to some of the bays many islands on a large wooden schooner, and social projects where you can see how the daily struggle for existence in the vast favelas can still be inspirational.

xWhile every day will be a visual feast, your taste buds will also be stimulated by Bahias' famous African style cooking, whether it be a simple acarajé cooked on the streets by a traditional bahiana, or a delicious moqueca do camarão prepared for you (perhaps even with your help!) in the Redfish kitchen. And in the evenings, there will be such delights as the Ballet Folklorico spectacular, and the drumming of Olodum.

xThis special program is for groups of 10 to 15 young people and their accompanying adults, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Prices from US$600 (£380, €450) * per person for the week.
* Excluding airfare (ask for special Carnival and New Year rates)

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