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                  This glorious ruin has now been almost completely rebuilt to a very high standard and we are now in the final stages, preparing to open our doors in NOVEMBER 2003. As work has taken a little longer than we had hoped, we are in a race against time to have at least the main building ready by August. As you can see from the latest photos (click here), we are putting up some very nice ceilings, and laying stone floors in all the areas. These floors should combine very well with white walls, green doors and windows and a lighter green for the ceilings. Painted furniture, and some specially designed lighting should complete the distinct Redfish look. Itīs almost time to get the professional photographer in!


February / March 2002

click here to see the footings being dug



April / May 2002
click here to see the ground floor going in



June / July 2002

click here to see the 1st floor going in


August / September / October 2002
click here to see top floor, internal & facade progress


November / December 2002
click here to see roof  structure and facade in progress


January / February 2003

click here to see new roof, new facade, new rooms!


March / April / May 2003
click here to see floors going down, bathrooms being tiled and painting underway