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Dance like a Brazilian!

xSamba, Brazil's deservingly famous dance style, an evincement of unbridled joy in the face of hardship ranging from slavery to favela (ghetto) living, was first danced on the sugarcane plantations of the Bahian Recôncavo, a region of rich soil around the the Baía de Todos os Santos (Bay of All Saints). It travelled to Rio de Janeiro with freed slaves looking for work, conquered Carnival and insinuated itself as a couples' dance into Rio's gafieiras -- dancehalls, in a style which is now making a great comeback. A closely related couples' dance also born in Brazil's Northeast, but further into the parched and hard-scrabble backlands and usually accompanied by accordion and triangle (among other instruments), is forró, a style which first made it to Rio with the great Luiz Gonzaga in the 1940s and which now is extremely popular among the lettered university crowd (as well as the leather-skinned old-timers who never left the backlands).
xThe original samba, progenitor of everything from the music of Brazil's golden age of radio to bossa nova to Brazilian hip-hip, is the inheritance of Brazil's Bantus...and this primordial samba came to be called samba-de-roda -- circle samba -- for the fact that it was danced in a circle of singing, hand-clapping sambadores (men) andsambadeiras (women) who would take their own turns in the circle. With a slight modification it is referred to as samba chula, chula being a Portuguese-language word denoting something cheap, of no value, the adjective used by the people in the big houses for the slaves' music, the term innocently adopted by the slaves and now used as a symbol of pride.

The Hotel Redfish is offering to organise 1 or 2 week dance programs for small groups where you will be given an introduction into Samba, Samba de Roda, Samba Reggae, Forro, as well as capoeira and the dances of the candomblé ceremony. Classes will be held at the Redfish itself, and in various dance schools and other interesting locations, including on the beach, on a boat, and in a fort! The evenings will be spent testing your new found skills at the hot nightspots and shows of Salvador's vibrant nightlife.

The price includes accomodation, all transport, lectures and classes. Specific dates for individuals will be offered, while ready-formed groups can choose their dates, and tailor their trip to their specific needs and get a better deal!

So come to Bahia and immerse yourselves in the dance, music, culture and sheer energy of this vibrant tropical city. Samba's roots are firmly planted in the rich soil of Bahia's Reconcavo, and it sometimes seems that, if you are born in these lands, you learn to dance before you learn to walk!

Prices from US$900* per person (twin rooms) for a week.
* Excluding airfare (ask for special Carnival and New Year rates)

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