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Brazilian music in Brazil!

MATRIZESBrazilian music workshops at the fountainhead -- where samba chula, Brazil's fundamental music, is still brilliantly played and danced to -- these hands-on studies taking place in both the capital of Salvador and in the backlands of the Recôncavo (the concave-shaped region around the Baía de Todos os Santos,where Bahia's sugarcane plantations were and are located and where samba was born in the hips, hands and hearts of the Bantus brought to work them). Matrizes is Sources, in two senses: that of the historically seminal communities to which we will travel (including Cachoeira and São Braz), and that of the masterful instrumentalists and teachers who will come to you and your companheiros.

This would be a 7-nights, 6 days* of full-on music and cultural activities with Salvador's Historical Centre as a base, classes and lectures from the experts and day trips into the hinterlands where Bahia's unique sound was born. This will be very much a thoroughly enjoyable hands-on-the-drums-and-instruments experience for music lovers, whether they be professional musicians looking to expand their repertoire, or just keen fans.

PRICES from less than US$800 (£500, €600)* per person (sharing twin room) for the week.
* Excluding airfare

For further information, please contact us:-

* No. of days can vary, from small 3-day visits to 10 or more days. if you have the time and inclnation.

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